What a BLESSING it was to have the opportunity to work with such a remarkable team. The memory of working alongside Abi and Gon will be imprinted in my heart forever.
They are the real deal! They are so deeply talented and incredible at what they do. But most importantly their passion is POTENT. You can feel it. I must add that they have hearts of gold which is a must for me. They made me feel so supported throughout the entire day from the moment they arrived at my villa. When it came to posing and the creation. process. They were GENIUSES. I was not available for boring mundane wedding photos and NEITHER WERE THEY. They get it. They are super fashionable and Modern and create the most magical memories for you and your partner.
They posed us so beautifully, it felt like I just had to show up and be beautiful and they handled the rest!
My family and friends were SHOOK bc they could not understand how we found the photographers of everyone’s dreams. Please look no further than working with Luxury, your life will be changed forever.